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Connect with your target audience via spot notifications.

Spotnify app connects with the beacons to raise contextual awareness about the happenings at the spots around you.

Available for the retailers, museums, airports, hotels, café & restaurants and events.

How it works

Get engaged with your target audience by sending them spot notifications

benefits of product


Dashboard to be used by the Spots, allows them to run different campaigns to send our spot notifications by associating them with configured beacons.

benefits of product

Mobile Application

Spotnify app to be used by general users, notifies them about the happenings at the spots around them via spot notifications when they get in the range of beacons.

benefits of product


Analytics in the dashboard provides full insights to the spot admin about the statistics of their campaigns which results in understanding behavior and interests of their target audience.


Add beacon and your spot.

Add your spot details into the dashboard. Once beacons installed at your physical location, configure them in the dashboard. Associate each beacons with the respective campaigns that you create.

  • Configure beacons.
  • Link beacon with your campaign.
  • Get ready for the engagement.

Run Campaigns.

Create and associate your campaigns with the beacons at your spot. These campaigns could be a promotional message, ongoing offers or any useful information about the happenings at your spot. Send them as spot notifications in three easy steps.

  • Create your campaign.
  • Schedule it as per your agenda.
  • Publish campaign to notify.


Get full insights of the spot notification activity from your spot. Check out daily, weekly and monthly statistics of your running activity. Understand your customer behavior and their engagement with your spot based on the following analysis.

  • Engagement: Get number of Clicks, Open and Tings of spot notifications.
  • Gender: Get the number of Male and Female users.
  • Age: To which age group your target audience belonged.
  • Location: Determine the location of your users.


Get engaged with all the happenings from the spots like retailers, museums, airports, hotels, café & restaurants and events around you.


When a customer enters to your store or outlet, spotnify app connects with the beacon configured at your spot and receives notification setup by you.

Restaurants and Bars

Give walker-by discounts, coupon codes, and ongoing promotional offers during festivals or happy hours via spot notifications.


Spotnify app can enrich Airports by improving passenger experience. Airports can send out announcements of boarding gates, flight schedule and offers at Duty free shops.

Art and Museums

Create campaigns to send our info to the visitors about nearest exhibited artwork, museum floor plan and navigation thereby giving visitors a unique experience.

Events & TradeShows

Using Spotnify, venues can communicate with their attendees and visitors to direct them inside the area by sending them useful content.

Public Transportation

At metro train stations and urban transit hubs, using Spotnify authorities can alert travelers about daily schedule, routes, delays, changes, and weather conditions.

Spotnify App

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